Special thanks to

We would like to thank the following persons for their help to the team!

Fam. van Weerdenburg
(use of their workshop)
Leon Hendriks
(Magnetiteconctrete as contraweight)
Miel Geurts
(lots of help and materials)
Wim van Haandel
(welding pipes of the cooling system)
Wim Ruijs
(use of his truck, lots of help and materials)
Fam. Beerepoot
(use of their workshop)
Spierings Kranen
(use of their workshop)
Charles Bottema
(lots of help)
Peter van den Heuvel
(tig-welding, www.arcwelding.nl)
Eric Rond
(donor engine)
Guus Ruijs
(service trailer 2008)